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Establishing, Guiding, Directing

Fellowship Government & Structure

Kingdom Agenda Fellowship is not a denominational body or even a reformation. It is a pure fellowship. KAF is governed by a 1-5-12 Fellowship Chair system. While it may be considers new or novel, it is functional within this fellowship. and follows the biblical model of Christ.  


Consider these fellowship models:

The 5-Chair-Model functions as a council with the Fellowship chairs having (1) equal but deciding vote on a (5) member council of ecclesiastical leaders.  These function as the core team supporting the fellowship vision, aims, and goals.

The 5-Chair-Model is augmented by an additional 7 Chairs to complete the 12 Chair-Model.  These chairs will govern from the core of the fellowship, facilitating fellowship efficiency and effectiveness.  Appointments and terms of service will determined by the 5 Chairs.

The KAF Leadership Model 

Kingdom Leadership Model
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