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Kingdom Agenda Fellowship is a covenant fellowship of like-spirited Christian churches, ministers, and spiritual leaders called to unify the Body of Christ. Our aim is to connect  participants across denominational and demographic  lines that divide  the Kingdom, with a focus  on Christ.

Thy Kingdom come.  Thy will be done in earth, as it is in heaven. 

Matthew 6:10

And as ye go, preach, saying, The kingdom of heaven is at hand. 

Matthew 10:7

Historical Profile


iMpact Christian Church, A Kingdom Agenda Fellowship, was founded as a satellite church by Pastor Keith L. Moore and conducted its first worship service on November 14, 2010, in Montgomery, Alabama.   Pastor Moore was serving as senior pastor in a central Alabama when he was inspired by the Holy Spirit to initiate a vision of ‘many churches within the church’. 


iMpact was established as a third worship service in furtherance of the vision as the Lord allowed placement of sons of the ministry to support multi-site ministry. The vision was to create a Kingdom focused fellowship, hence ‘many churches within the church’, of diverse ministries and churches of like vision through church plants of multiple sites of iMpact Christian Church  and covenant connection.

Our Vision


To usher in the Kingdom of Heaven

in power, principle and practice

 calling souls to salvation, sanctification, and sonship.


Fellowship Participation


Kingdom Agenda is comprised of 4 internal fellowships currently.  They are designed to meet the practical and spiritual needs of participants.  Interested ministries and/or spiritual leaders may function within the fellowship on any or all fellowship levels upon qualification: 

    Network Connection– Apostolic presbytery covering multiple  churches.

    Eagle’s Nest  – Pastoral leaders, or ministry leaders who are directly responsible for oversight

    of an established church or ministry.

    5-Fold Ministry – Individual membership for spiritual leaders who are not

    directly responsible for a church or ministry.

    Body of Christ – Church or ministry participation.

Fellowship ministries and members of Kingdom Agenda will:


    Believe!  Believe upon Jesus Christ as a Christian church, ministry or individual

    Communicate!  Accurately and enthusiastically communicate and support the vision of  

    Kingdom Agenda.

    Support!  Support Kingdom Agenda participants in fellowship and financial support


Kingdom Agenda is:

    ...not a denominational body.

    ...not focused on financial benefit.  All offerings/support are free-will.

    ...not a church but a para-church fellowship functioning as a clearinghouse

       for support of local churches, ministries and spiritual leaders.

Kingdom Agenda Fellowship
Tel: 334-546-1786

Join us for these Regularly Scheduled Worship Experiences  
Refreshing Worship - Sunday 8 a.m.
Lighthouse Ministries -128 Mendel Parkway, Mtgy, AL 36117
iNspirePM! - Thursday 6p.m.
Lighthouse Ministries - 128 Mendel Parkway, Mtgy, AL 36117
Teleconferences (712)775-7000 Access 789111,
iNspireAM! - Mon-Wed 6 a.m.
The  Kingdom is at Hand!
Enjoy these Kingdom events with us!!!
Click Pic below!
May 20, 2018
The Amphitheatre - Montgomery
Click for Schedule of Events
May 3, 2018 - 12p.m.
Alabama State Capital-South Lawn
April 1, 2018
2019 Announcement soon!

iMpact Christian Church, A Kingdom Agenda Fellowship, is a charter ministry of The Promise Assembly

Presiding Primate, Apostle Wales Williams Jr. 

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